Vintage PC

Used IBM "model M" keyboards

Best keyboards ever made, saved from vaste, refurbished and seeking a new home.

The Story Behind

The best hand tools I bought in a junk store. Survived for decades and have been produced and treated with care that is no longer common today.

I am a programmer and therefore fascinated me finding that even in the IT equivalent of such a tool exists.

It's a computer keyboard IBM model M, produced from 1987 to 1999 in the US and the UK.

IBM model M keyboard Made in the times when mass-production wasn't synonym for spewing a cheap plastic junk. Made in the USA and Europe. No fancy lights and 'do whatever' keys included. Just solid durable keyboard providing satisfactory "clicky" keypress response of Buckling Spring torsional snap actuator.

Sale of surplus from my collection

(coming soon)